We rise by lifting each other.

Limited seats available, apply by June 28 for consideration. We can’t wait to meet you!

Who we’re looking for:

The Lone Ranger

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Do you feel alone?

Let’s face it, if you’re the only one that looks, thinks, feels & acts like you in the room, it won’t be long until you feel misunderstood and isolated… a recipe for burnout.

We’ll be your tribe to call on for support & advice. Let us help lift the weight off your shoulders so that you can elevate to your fullest potential.

Are you ready to put yourself first?

Do you find yourself saying “I wish I had time for myself”? When we’re bombarded with requests, work, & family, it’s easy to feel too busy to take care of yourself.

We’ll help you approach your life with intention. Let us help you assess your inputs, thought patterns, & beliefs in order to break through to a new version of you that has time for yourself among the other necessities of life.


Do you want to shine?

Have you thought about living with purpose? Getting promoted? Becoming a thought leader? Starting a community? Traveling the world? Starting your own business? Writing a book?

We’ll keep you accountable & supported as you tackle your next mountain peak of life. Let us be your biggest cheerleaders as you strive for your biggest dreams.

When joining us, you will…


Stay accountable & supported with other women leaders from other companies.

Speak & lead confidently as you tap into your unique strengths.

Let go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Implement a growth process with your team & in your life.

Work towards fulfilling your purpose.

Build resiliency as you live life on your terms.

Expand your network of fierce & talented women.

Optimize your personal version of relaxation.

Be happier & healthier.

Why participate in a mastermind with us?

Focus & Accountability

Set goals, get to the bottom of what needs your attention, get personalized feedback & expect your tribe to keep you accountable.

Your Own Tribe

Meet like minded women who are balancing personal & professional growth. We’ll spend 3 months together, so expect a tribe you can count on moving forward.

Avoid Burnout

Navigate the stress of business & life with women you can trust while learning new strategies for managing fear, emotions & a high pressure work environment.


Enjoy a safe place to voice frustration, get support & actionable advice from others on the challenges of being a woman leader in tech.

Lean & Learn

Tap into Sophia, Dani & the collective tribe’s network & learnings on how to grow your career, company & happiness in a demanding & male-dominated growth role.


Invite joy into your life as we create space to celebrate wins together, lift each other up, practice the attitude of gratitude & share corny jokes only we would understand.

An 8-week commitment to elevating yourself.

In high-pressure roles, we tend to put everything & everyone ahead of number 1… our self. We’re going to help you define your goals, elevate your voice, and set you up with exactly what it takes to leave your mark on your company, industry, family & the world. We have high expectations for you & will do everything it takes for you to realize & elevate to your best self.

What you’ll get

8-Week Commitment

  • Weekly check-in Zoom calls on Mondays at 7pm EST led by Sophia Eng & Dani Hart
  • Weekly homework
  • Accountability buddy
  • Access to entire circle of women on Voxxr voice app (great for quick questions on the go)
  • Life-time access to alumni community (limited time)
  • 2:1 introductory call with Sophia Eng or Dani Hart
  • Free exclusive lifetime GrowthMentor membership for continued support (valued at $600/year!)
  • Expert Q&As, resources, and connections

Expected time commitment: 1-5 hours per week for 8 weeks

Launching Monday, July 8.

Price (introductory):


Self Discovery

  • Uncover core values
  • Learn to relax with what you have

Personal Growth & Resiliency

  • Set goals & adopting the growth process
  • Optimize stress + rest = growth equation
  • Manage fear & emotions

Finding & Living with Purpose

  • Identify your personal North Star Metric(s)
  • Rebuild routines & habits
  • Position your passion

Company Growth

  • Identifying must-have users
  • Adopting growth process, creating objectives, & adopting process
  • Developing approach to sustainable growth

Who we are and why we’re doing this…

We, Sophia and Dani, have been working in growth roles and know how challenging it can be staying motivated in a quickly changing environment. We believe that if we find women who identify as a Lone Ranger, we can support those women, help keep them accountable, and together we’ll elevate to the best versions of our selves.

So here we are! Launching with an exclusive 8-week day mastermind, ready to take a select group of women to the next level, and help keep them there. Read more about our story and backgrounds. We can’t wait to meet you!

Sophia Eng - Women in Growth

Sophia Eng

Sophia Eng is the best-selling author of The Nourishing Asian Kitchen, and a business growth advisor, mortgage consultant, homeschooling mom, military spouse, and regenerative farmer.

Today, you will find Sophia helping a friend, supporting a small farmer, raising a thoughtful family, and asking questions any chance she gets. 

Dani Hart - Women in Growth

Dani Hart

Dani is a top-rated Growth Mentor, nonprofit fundraiser, yoga teacher, event organizer, and an aspiring urban farmer chef.

She mentors founders as they reach max capacity and face burnout and has since 2016. During the day, she’s raising funds for nonprofits to help preserve & protect parks and historical places. On the weekends you won’t find her out in the woods 😉 but you will find her in town teaching yoga on a local farm in Baltimore & cooking something from her garden.