Our Story

We (Sophia & Dani) met at the 2018 GrowthHackers Conference. We shared the stage on a panel and went our separate ways. Fast-forward a few months and we were both leaving our full-time roles at the same time. We began scheduling check-in calls around how we could help each other and the larger community of women in growth.

We shared our personal stories with one another, which took multiple calls to fully explain. We shared the good, bad, and ugly. How we got to where we are and what challenges we faced throughout the journey. It felt like we finally found someone who just got it, after years of living the “Lone Ranger” life.

Once we built a great deal of trust, our focus shifted. We knew we needed to do something to help other women in growth. Sophia wants to create a world her daughters can thrive in and Dani wants to create a regenerative future. We have our own motivations, but we can agree on what’s important. Love.


We elevate the voices of women to help balance the way we shape our future.

Our work supports women in roles, whatever they may be, so they can make impact that’s important to them. We also teach teams how to be more inclusive to help build more diverse teams and deliver more impact.

We inspire women to realize their full potential.

That’s when the idea of a mastermind started. Since we have both lived and breathed growth roles (both on the screen and in the field), we decided to start with exactly that.

We thought that if we start by finding women who identify as a Lone Ranger in a role responsible for the growth of their company, farm, family or clients. We will do what it takes to support those women, keep them accountable, and help them elevate to the best version of themself.

The mastermind is just the beginning. If you or your company has interest in getting involved, please reach out… we’d love to hear from you.


Sophia Eng

Sophia Eng is the best-selling author of The Nourishing Asian Kitchen, and a business growth advisor, mortgage consultant, homeschooling mom, military spouse, and regenerative farmer.

She has been featured in Forbes, Eater, American Essence Magazine, and is a sought-after growth marketing and product expert.  She was Head of Growth and lead revenue and user growth at InVision App, Autodesk, and Workday, Journify, as well as her consulting agency using her background of biology and buyer psychology as the backbone of her strategies and insights.

Companies choose Sophia due to her track record of getting the best results in the shortest amount of time, while maximizing promotion and growth budgets. Alongside Sean Ellis, Sophia has created a growth certification program with ConversionXL to teach growth marketing through the lens of effective persuasive psychology.

Sophia champions female and minority inclusion in Silicon Valley and out in the fields of farms. Sophia has a special focus on empowering female entrepreneurs, unlocking limiting beliefs in others, as well as observing and celebrating the unique psychology of women.

Today, you will find Sophia helping a friend, supporting a small farmer, raising a thoughtful family, and asking questions any chance she gets. 

Dani Hart

Dani is a top-rated Growth Mentor, nonprofit fundraiser, yoga teacher, event organizer, and an aspiring urban farmer chef.

Putting her degrees in Marketing and Environmental Studies to work, Dani began her career testing new online strategies with Defenders of Wildlife, WWF, Human Rights Campaign & Save the Chimps, to help increase donations and action. 

After following her h(e)art and moving to California, Dani worked remote for a year before transitioning to Payoff, a fintech startup helping U.S. citizens pay off credit card debt and reach financial freedom. During this time she worked with eHarmony’s founding Chief Science Officer, Dr. Galen Buckwalter, to understand and predict how personality drives the way consumers behave.

As Head of Growth at GrowthHackers, Dani produced the 2017 and 2018 GrowthHackers Conference, pulling together leaders in growth across the globe to discuss the keys to sustainable growth. Dani helped hundreds of companies identify their North Star Metric and coached teams on adopting the growth process.

In 2018, Dani left her full-time role with GrowthHackers, began her own growth consultancy, Growth Gal, and got certified in teaching vinyasa yoga, spoke internationally during a European year-long adventure in 2019, became a grief and psychometric feedback writer.

That was a lot, and Dani took a step back to reflect on what she learned.

She now mentors founders as a top Growth Mentor, raises funds for nonprofits to help preserve & protect parks and historical places, teaches yoga, and loves to cook anything she just pulled from her quarter acre garden.

Dani Hart